Emulsions and drawing oils


Product IDScope of application
BECHEM Unopol AL 560Emulsion for EC aluminium drawing on thick-wire and medium-wire machines, as well as for manufacturing coated wire; working concentration is varied, depending on application, and ranges between 10% and 25%.
BECHEM Unopol AL 570Wire drawing emulsion developed for drawing aluminium wires of entry diameter of ca. 3.5 mm and final diameter 0.10 – 0.80 mm on single and multi-wire drawing machines with constant annealing process; working concentration is varied, depending on application, and it ranges between 10% and 25%.
BECHEM Unopol F 811Combines the advantages of mineral oil based and fully synthetic products. Ensures clean system, required in fine wire drawing (single- and multi-drawing) with the final diameter of 0.10 mm, as well as very long emulsion lifetime, excellent lubricating properties and long lifetime of drawing dies.
BECHEM Unopol G 560High performance product for thick-wire and medium-wire drawing machines as well as for mulitwire systems down to a final diameter of 0.20 mm, used for bare, tinplated and silverplated wire; working concentration of 5% -15 % enables very good lubrication combined with high cleaning efficiency of the wire and drawing system as well as long service life of the emulsion in use.
BECHEM Unopol S 803Designed for micro-drawing in multiwire systems down to final diameter of 0.05 mm; provides the highest cleanliness of the drawing system as well as extremely long service life of the solution.
BECHEM Unopol SP 930Special product for cleaning wire after drawing and annealing process, as well as for spray and dip lubrication before spooling; after the medium evaporates, the product leaves a very thin, low-viscous film with good anticorrosion protection properties.
BECHEM Unopol SPG 623Water-miscible, semi-synthetic fluid for annealing at the working concentration between 0.5% and 2.0%; very good cleaning properties as well as anticorrosion and stains protection.
BECHEM Unopol U 570Universal product for thick-, medium-and fine-drawing (single- and multi-wire drawing machines) down to final diameter of 0.15 mm, for bare, zinc-plated and silver-plated copper.
Berudraw 2291/IUsed as a non-diluted pasta for single drawing process after applying layers or lime coating, or during the final dry drawing stage as a soap solution for polishing.
Berudraw 3587Mineral oil free, emulsifying drawing oil concentrate for drawing bare and zinc-plated, as well as copper-plated and brass-plated steel wires.
Berudraw 3779Drawing oil with high viscosity and high chlorine content, water-immiscible; used for lubricating inside and outside parts of tubes, as well as for drawing rods and stainless steel profiles.
Berudraw 3955Soft drawing paste, water-soluble, contains native esters and surface-active substances.
Berudraw 4046Water-immiscible oil for cold drawing of steel rods, with smooth and clear surface in wet drawing process.
Berudraw AL 20Medium-viscosity oil for thick-wire and medium-wire drawing of aluminium and its alloys; to be used in spraying machines.
Berudraw AL 3Low-viscosity oil for thin-wire drawing of aluminium and its alloys in single-and multiwire spraying drawing machines.
Berudraw AL 50High-viscosity oil for thick-wire drawing of aluminium and its alloys; recommended for dipping machines.
Berudraw D-14 V-SChlorine-free, water-immiscible special oil for steel and stainless steel thin-wire and micro-wire drawing.
Berudraw ZD 818 NeuOil for drawing medium and small-size wire; ensures long service life of drawing capstans.


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