Industrial oils


Product IDScope of application
ZET hydraulic oils HLP 2 – 150Hydraulic oils comply with the DIN 51 524 Part 2 standard. Available from ISO VG 2 to 150. The oils have good protection properties against wear, high ageing resistance and high thermal stability.
ZET hydraulic oils HLP-D 5 – 150Hydraulic oils comply with the DIN 51 524 Part 2 standard. Also demonstrate washing and dispersing properties.
ZET compressor oils VDL 68 – 150Compressing oils with excellent anti-oxidation properties according to the DIN 51 506 standard. Designed for piston compressors, including those with high end compression temperatures.
ZET guide bar oils CGLP 32 – 220Non-emulsifying guide bar oils with excellent protection against “stick-slip”. The products comply with the DIN 51 502 standard and are applied in all commonly used machine tools.
ZET spindle oils 2 – 10Spindle oils for lubricating high-speed aggregates, such as spindles in machine tools. Clear and water-transparent and oxidation-stable products.
ZET industrial gear oils CLP 46 – 680Industrial-grade gear EP type transmission oils for circulating and dip lubrication. Products comply with the DIN 51 517 Part 3 standard. The highest anticorrosion protection and load transfer properties guarantee faultless and disruption-free operation.
ZET solid lubricantsSolid lubricants for all temperatures and applications. Available in cartridges, cans or tins. In all NLGI classes between 000 – 3..
ZET special agentsWhite medical oils, biodegradable lubricating agents and synthetic lubricating oils.


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