Oils for drawing tubes and rods


Product IDScope of application
BECHEM Starlit EM-MA-DFMineral oil free, water-miscible moulding concentrate; designed for welding steel pipes, very good anticorrosion protection and lubricating properties.
Beruform STO 3009 CHighly viscous and chlorine containing drawing oil, for drawing of tubes and profiles made from CrNi steels, high-temperature resistant steels and titanium.
Kubitrac 2508 EBWater-miscible, high-performance concentrate of oil for rolling; designed for pilger rolling of copper and copper alloy tubes; milky-white and preheating-stable emulsion is characterised by very good lubricating properties, high pilger rolling speed and long service life of tools.
Kubitrac P 50Water-miscible concentrate of oil for pilger rolling of tubes made of copper and copper alloys; very goods washing and cross-linking properties along with dirt rinsing properties result in clean surface of pipes and residue removal.
Masterdraw 1990The agent for hardening non-ferrous metal tubes; the residue of the product facilitates further processing, minimises vapour coating and aids in anticorrosion protection of tanks and pumps.
Masterdraw 558 SCFor drawing aluminium tubes, particularly for block drawing machines (Bullblock, Spinnerblock) and chain draw benches; also suitable for multiwire drawing.
Masterdraw 560Designed for internal lubrication (ID) in drawing of copper tubes (finish processes); thin and medium-thick walls.
Masterdraw EBE 110Low-viscosity, water-based agent for hot plastic working and forging processes; does not contain oil or graphite.
Masterdraw EBE 270For drawing of profiles, slugs and tubes of non-ferrous metals, brass copper-nickel alloys on block drawing machines and chain draw benches; low to high wall thickness.
Masterdraw EBE 430Especially developed for finish draws inside aluminium tubes with medium to low wall thicknesses.
Masterdraw EBE 745Developed for using inside tubes; very good residue behaviour.
Masterdraw LF 51350 TEspecially developed for drawing non-ferrous tubes of high to low wall thickness.


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